We offer a range of classes, courses & treatments that promote strength, flexibility and balance.


“The Kathmandu Center of Healing” offers instruction and treatments in the healing arts.

“The Kathmandu Center of Healing” is the longest standing healing center in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The center focuses on the teaching and practice of Ancient Thai Massage, Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy , Singing Bowl Course ,Yoga, Reiki and Sacred Dance, but has been host to many other areas of healing and spiritual practice, and therapeutic arts.

The objective of the center is to provide a peaceful environment for healing and learning for those who wish to discover the gifts of these ancient practices and arts. In its instruction “The Kathmandu Center of Healing” offers students a spiritual approach to these scientific methods of facilitating the healing of others, the roots of which is self-evolvement and strikes a balance between practice, experience and theory.

In its treatments “The Kathmandu Center of Healing” offers an intuitive sensitivity to the needs of our clients.

Courses & Events

At KCH, yoga is about balance. Yoga teaches you how to use your body and breath to restore balance.


At KCH massage is about the power of touch. The sense of touch is healing in itself.

Holistic holiday

At KCH weight loss is about the power of now! The seed of change is awareness.

Meet out teachers

Nabin Thapa

Nabin is a native of Nepal and was born in a small village in the west of the country. From the very beginning, village life sensitised Nabin to Yoga, energy work and spirituality.


I make this sound to give the whole world peace.” Master Shree ” A 3rd generation Tibetan Singing Bowl Teacher and Sound Healer Master Shree, is highly regarded and pioneer in the Kathmandu valley of Nepal to work with Tibetan singing bowls.

Master Shree

A Reiki ii degree holder, a travel expert, Sabin started his tenure as an administrative officer in the early days of center’s establishment. He then went on to pursue his career in the adventure tourism of Nepal handling and operating number of treks and tours for a few leading tour


Kathmandu Center of Healing brings you authenticity, depth of experience and clarity of purpose


On my trip to Nepal, I saw and did many wondrous things. I saw stunning Sunrise, I met incredible people. I came to Know the true meaning of the word “Namaste”, I celebrated “Tihar” the “Festival of lights”

But none of these expreiences affected me the way that taking Tibetan Singing Bowl lessons did.The Tibetan Singing Bowl lessons changed my life. I took the lessons from 3rd Generation master, Shree K. Shahi. Please follow my experiences further on my blog http://www.thiswaytoparadise.com/tibetan-singing-bowl-nepal/

Valen Dawson
Oregon, USA


A very interesting learning of the secrets of Singing Bowl therapy. I could not imagine how many ways there are to make sound with these bowls! 3 days of great learning, as well to self enjoy the vibrations of the bowls. I have started to help others with the Tibetan bowl therapy technique that I have learned and all people were really happy with it. Thanks to all for making this experience a positive one! Sandrine Dec’ 2012

Sandrine Bertrand
Dubai, UAE


The Singing bowl course was really important in my therapist formation and its really interesting to know the different way at playing with the Singing bowls.

The master is really compassonate and professional. He not only taught more than just theory and practice in all the lessons, but showed a beautiful way to see the life as well. I m really happy and satisfied for getting an opportunity to learn a 3 days course with Shree Krishna. Thank you Kathmandu Center of Healing and Sabin for organising the course.

David Ignacio Silva Muñoz
Santiago, Chile