Kathmandu Center of Healing

We offer a range of classes, courses & treatments that promote strength, flexibility and balance.

“The Kathmandu Center of Healing” offers instruction and treatments in the healing arts. “The Kathmandu Center of Healing” is the longest standing healing center in Kathmandu, Nepal. The center focuses on the teaching and practice of Ancient Thai Massage, Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy , Singing Bowl Course ,Yoga, Reiki and Sacred Dance, but has been host to many other areas of healing and spiritual practice, and therapeutic arts. The objective of the center is to provide a peaceful environment for healing and learning for those who wish to discover the gifts of these ancient practices and arts. In its instruction “The Kathmandu Center of Healing” offers students a spiritual approach to these scientific methods of facilitating the healing of others, the roots of which is self-evolvement and strikes a balance between practice, experience and theory. In its treatments “The Kathmandu Center of Healing” offers an intuitive sensitivity to the needs of our clients.

Courses & Events

Yoga teaches you how to use your body and breath to restore balance.

Treatment: touch

At KCH massage is about the power of touch. The sense of touch is healing in itself.

Holistic holiday

Weight loss is about the power of now! The seed of change is awareness.

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Master Shree